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I am passionate about sports, wellbeing and horse riding, so I started by studying these topics. I have continued down this path by completing many training courses.

Driven by a constant desire to share and transmit what I have learned, I now have a leisure activities certificate (BPJEPS AF) specializing in group courses as well as weight and resistance training, not to mention several other certifications (pilates, naturopathy, and more).

My job is to allow you to find balance in your everyday life thanks to the key elements of personal fulfillment: sport, nutrition and wellbeing. I sincerely believe in each and every one of us. It is possible to give ourselves the means to succeed when we actually have a well-defined objective.

« Give yourself the best version of yourself »


victorine's rituals


create internal change

Meditation is a very old relaxation method that dates back more than 2,500 years.

The meditation practice is specific to each person in accordance with his/her schedule. I recommend meditating in the morning and/or evening, either when you wake up and/or when you go to bed. The morning is conducive to complete mindfulness. As you have just had a night’s sleep, it is an opportune time to plant positive affirmations. In the evening, you can soothe your body and your mind, rediscovering a moment of complete mindfulness that will help you fall asleep. Gradually, I have developed a taste for meditating in the morning. It has become a real ritual each morning, providing me with an instant feeling of wellbeing.

Here are the many benefits meditation can have:

  • Self-acceptance and self-fulfillment
  • Better manage your breathing
  • Learn how to enjoy good times more
  • Decreases the risk of diseases
  • Curbs cellular aging
  • Modifies the expression of stress-related genes
  • Reduces psychological suffering or discomfort
  • Promotes and enhances the social aspect of human relationships

« What I wish for now is no longer happiness but simply awareness. » Albert CAMUS

Victorine - July 21, 2018

Service :
Certification – Sophrology


stay healthy longer

Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, improving the population’s nutrition status is a major issue. Satisfactory nutrition is a factor in protecting our health.

We also learn by eating, such as about the nutritional benefits of the food we eat. What we know of the world is based on our knowledge and experiences. It’s the same with nutrition. I advise you take pleasure in finding recipes and flavors and that you rediscover the shared family experience of eating.

Eating well means adopting a varied and balanced diet; in other words, eating everything, but in the appropriate quantities out of respect for our bodies. A balanced diet is built sustainably over the week and, in my opinion, encompasses two concepts: health and pleasure. Above all, nutrition involves learning, a healthy lifestyle and regularity.

« Let food be thy medicine. » Hippocrate

Victorine – August 20, 2018

Services :
General nutrition and sports nutrition advice
Certification in progress – Naturopathy


give yourself a break

According to the dictionary, a break is « a momentary suspension of an activity, a short cessation of work for rest ».

Nowadays, we are in constant motion, doing something at every moment; we seek to do everything at the same time, such as at work, yet that is impossible. My advice is to accept to set aside some projects and come back to them later. When everything is bursting at the seams and I am under stress, I take a break by breathing and focusing on the present moment for a few minutes. This allows me to come back relaxed and ready to continue.

Allowing ourselves these breaks encourages us to refocus on ourselves by breathing, to ask ourselves what our real needs and ambitions are, to relax for a moment, and to make ourselves more efficient.

« Time ripens all things; with time all things come to light; time is the father of truth. » Rabelais

Victorine - August 27, 2018

Services :
Relaxation advice and practice


wake up gently

Stretching can be defined as a form of physical exercises based on flexing or stretching certain muscles or tendons. Joint mobility and muscle flexibility are a few of the terms associated with stretching.

A few minutes of gentle stretching or exercises such as yoga and its sun salutation soon after waking up affect our biological rhythm. Waking up gently might mean five minutes of sun salutation, alternating stretching poses and yoga poses.
This activity increases our ability to concentrate, facilitates the reduction of stress, and strengthens the postural muscles.

Stretching in the morning helps to improve flexibility. It develops our capacity to breathe and our fitness level.

« Waking up is the first step of the day. We might as well do everything we can to make it enjoyable »

Victorine – July 2, 2018

Service :
Introduction to Yoga​


allow yourself to be successful

A good way to be successful throughout your day and your week is to implement an effective, prosperous and useful productivity system.

The goal is to relieve the brain by writing out what tasks need to be performed. Being productive in everyday life or at work requires setting goals. Developing a list of ideas, a list of weekly and monthly goals, leads to planning them, ensuring they will be enacted.

This method allows us to advance fittingly in our life, promoting it and thus implementing actions that have probably been pending for some time. We take time for ourselves and each task becomes easier to achieve. We know where we want to go.

« Believe in your dreams and they may come true, believe in yourself and they will come true » Martin Luther King

Victorine – August 12, 2018

Service :
Personal development advice


know how to take care of yourself

Thermal baths, and especially Roman baths, were establishments where people could wash in good hygienic conditions. They played a role in maintaining public health and providing moments of relaxation.

Taking care of yourself involves adopting a lifestyle that suits you. We can use herbal infusions to improve our digestion, essential oils to soothe us, cosmetic treatments to make our skin more beautiful and more radiant, and much more. Today, I conduct my own research on nutrition-cosmetics and aromatherapy, among other topics, so I can play an active role in my wellbeing.

From the moment we give ourselves breaks, we develop a real desire to learn more and take care of ourselves. This mechanism allows us to naturally learn things that are closer to our values and more balanced. The everyday wellbeing that takes hold is real.

« Be your own refuge. Our body is precious, for it is our vehicle for awakening. » Bouddha

Victorine - July 1, 2018

Services :
Aromatherapy, herbal medicine and natural cosmetology advice


get stronger

According to Pierre de Coubertin, who renewed the Olympic Games, exercise is « a voluntary and habitual cult of intense muscular effort based on the desire to progress that can go as far as risk ».

Exercise, yes, but when? I prefer to exercise in the morning after I have had breakfast. Why? The morning is the ideal time to wake up your muscles and your body. This provides a boost of energy so the rest of the day goes smoothly. The key is to be able to take some time for yourself, no matter what the time of the day.

Exercise releases endorphins, happiness hormones, in the brain, but it is also good for your:

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Lifestyle
  • Bone resistance
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Mental health

« Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. » Jim Rohn

Victorine – August 3, 2018

Services :
Professional athletic coaching at home, at work
Professional athletic coaching during/after pregnancy


learn new things

In 1882, Jules Ferry made schooling compulsory and free for all, from the ages of 6 to 13. At that time, access to knowledge was difficult because books were rare and only available for a few categories of the population.

What counts today is the ability to learn on your own. To create, innovate and test new things for ourselves arouses our curiosity and increases our knowledge. Finding something related to our goals, such as learning a new language or practicing an instrument, will stimulate your thirst for experiences.

This vision allows us to develop a certain pride when we use our own ability to implement actions. These actions may involve reading, or any other activity, with a single goal in mind. In the long run, this allows us to develop sustainable knowledge and a unique identity.

« Learning develops the brain as well as its ability to learn and memorize. This is useful, but much less so today than creativity, the willingness and ability to learn on your own, among other useful skills. » Olivier Roland

Victorine – August 19, 2018

Service :
Certification – Behavioral Psychology


reconnect with yourself

Discussing with others topics that fascinate us has a profound effect on our self-alignment.

When I am who I am and who I want to be, when I do what makes me happy, I am connected to myself and my values. This connection, which is of the utmost importance, involves understanding your body. During my pilates and yoga sessions, I realized that I mainly focused on each movement, on each feeling, and on the muscles I was using the most. This approach allowed me to understand various facts about myself.

From this, we can appreciate just being alive. These different aspects can lead to an immediate state of relaxation, in the same way that a massage or therapeutic session does.

« What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. » Bouddha

Victorine – August 3, 2018

Service :
Pilates Mat Fundamentals Teacher Level 1 & 2

Les rituels de Victorine Les rituels de Victorine

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